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Cover Reveal + Release Date

Mark Your Calendars!

That’s right Constant Readers! The Physics of Leaving, the sequel to Lumen Cove will be dropping January 31st, 2018! I am so excited for you guys to finally get to see where Alex and Kelsey land. Can’t wait that long? I’ve got the Prologue up over here. Stay tuned to the blog for sneak peeks and special content for The Physics of Leaving, the sequel to Lumen Cove.

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The Physics of Leaving

by Dianne Frost

Kelsey Charming is just trying to make it to graduation and avoid her ex, which is difficult considering she’s enrolled in his English class.

When the new bad boy in town takes an interest in Kelsey, she makes some decisions that alienate her friends and make Alex take notice. The closer she gets to Chase the more she starts to wonder if a full ride to the college of her choice is really what she wants or just what everyone wants for her.

Alex didn’t think it would be this hard watching Kelsey move on, but he also didn’t expect her to do it with a guy like Chase. The more he tries to distance himself from her the more she ends up in trouble right in front of him. When a series of events leads to him accompanying her on a week of campus tours, Alex is forced to decide between continuing to do the right thing or being the man Kelsey can depend on no matter what comes their way.

Available in Ebook & Paperback January 31st, 2018

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