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Not A Bad Thing (Yes It Was)

Not A Bad Thing (Yes It Was)

5 Justin Timberlake Performances that were Better than Last Night’s Superbowl Halftime Show

Ya’ll know me, okay? Ya’ll know I am probably one of the biggest Justin Timberlake fans on the planet. I have followed the dude’s career since I was 12. I wrote fanfiction. I got a damn Justin Timberlake tattoo – No it’s not his face why do ya’ll always think it’s his face??? Ugh.



What was the deal, JT? Did you break under the pressure? Did they make you sign a contract where you weren’t allowed to do anything even remotely cool for fear of exposing a female breast somewhere in the Minneapolis Meto-area?

Also what the HELL did you do to piss off your stylist???


After I managed to pick my jaw up off the floor at the stunning display of mediocrity that was Justin Timberlake’s Halftime Show performance last night, I IMMEDIATELY thought of about 100 other instances where he FUCKING. KILLED.


I’ve managed to cull it down to five because I know the rest of you have lives.

  1. Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2006

    Favorite Part: 3:52 where one of his dancers grabs his ass and he looks genuinely embarrassed.

  2. SNL 40th Anniversary Episode Cold Open

    Favorite Part: 3:33. Because reasons.

  3. MTV VMAs 2013 – MTV Vanguard Award

    Favorite Part: The dance break at 5:22

  4. Use Somebody/Cry Me A River – JT and Friends Live at Mandalay Bay 2009

    Favorite Part: ALL. OF. IT.

  5. Grammy Awards 2009

    Favorite Part: The story behind it. Justin was already performing with T.I. later in the show but after Chris Brown and Rhianna had their domestic and couldn’t make the show the bigwhigs called on JT to fill the spot. With every big name in music in town, the industry leaders knew that he could pull off a performance with zero rehearsal time on live television in front of all his peers. *mic drop*

For more in-depth study, see also

Also if you can find any of his performances from his first appearance on SNL those were what made people start taking him seriously as an artist.

Dianne OUT!

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