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My First Author Event

My First Author Event

Awhile back I signed up for an author event at a local bookshop. I wasn’t sure if I’d get it and I didn’t hear back right away. So when I got an email a couple weeks ago from the organizer, Beth Hermes, Author and Writing Coach, asking me if I was interested in participating I nearly fell out of my bed I was so excited.

Then it was a long week of waiting to see if I was one of the first ten to respond with a yes. In that time, I designed some business cards, bookmarks and even little mini-books for anyone who made a purchase at the event.

I also worked on some of the typos in Lumen Cove. They’re like cockroaches you stamp out one and four more pop out at you, I swear.

I was pretty stressed trying to make sure that all of my collateral got here on time. My mom was coming down for the event. I’d invited all my friends. My boss was nice enough to let me have the whole day off and it was a good thing she did because it took us TWO HOURS to get there!

If you are unfamiliar with the Atlanta metro area, trying to get anywhere in this city is difficult. Trying to get somewhere between the hours of 3pm and 7pm is damn near impossible. We were trying to go from the southeast corner of Atlanta to a northwest suburb. It’s a miracle we’re not STILL in the car.

Needless to say, we were late.

Also the city of Woodstock was having a big Friday Night Live event downtown so there was ZERO parking. Beth was so gracious and nice about the entire thing. I set up my books and got myself set up in the signing room (THERE WAS A SIGNING ROOM EEEEEK) before the talk started.

There was a pretty decent crowd, probably about 40 folks came out. 9 of us were presenting.

Speaking Order
#1. Blow Me Over with a Feather by Caroline Sherouse
#2 Lumen Cove by Dianne Frost
#3 Unfinished Business by Ray Dan Parker
#4 Popular Payton by Payton R. Varner & Trish Varner
#5 On Wings of an Avalanche by C.D. Gill
#6 Capstone Ridge by Roger W. Avrit
#7 The Big Free by Martha B. Boone
#8 Tales from the Foxes’ Den 2017 by Various Authors

I was second to speak which I’m glad because I like to get that kind of thing over with. I wasn’t really nervous about speaking – I was in speech team in high school, acted in the spring plays and sang solos in the chior so I’m comfortable in front of a crowd – but I had worked out my speech literally 20 minutes before I left the house. Luckily I had a TWO HOUR car ride to work through it with my mom on the way there. Bless her, the traffic and me hobbling my way through memorizing what I was going to say made her a nervous wreck.

A shot of me speaking, which made me laugh when I saw it becasue the look on my face is just “OH I AM SOOOOO BRILLIANT LOOK HOW CASUALLY BRILLIANT I AM!!!!” when inside I was like “OhGodOhGodOhGod what do I say next shitshitshit.” It’s called professionalism folks and I… occasionally have it.

This was such a wonderful event. Every one of the authors there had really, really interesting books and all the talks were very professional. It was also really awesome to meet other local authors. It was a wide range of genres as you can see from the above list and a wide age range. Our youngest author was 6 years old! She writes children’s books with her mom.

L-R: Martha B. Boone, Dianne Frost, Ray Dan Parker, Caroline Sherouse, Roger W. Avrit, Payton Varner with Trish Varner, Jane, C.D. Gill


The only less than stellar part of the evening was that the bookstore’s credit card machine went down during the event so I only sold one book. But honestly, I was really excited I even sold one!

Of course, my best friends were there to support me.

L-R: Jacey, Dianne, Nicole

I was so so glad to be a part of this event!


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